It’s time to fall in love with your agency again!

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Everything you love in a big agency - none of the stuff you hate.

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We speak ag because we're from ag.

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On strategy, on time, on budget 
– no matter what.

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We’re a small agency with a big idea.

Marketing and communications should be alive, cost-effective and fun. If it’s not, something’s wrong. Organizations call Kahntact when it’s time to rekindle the fire. They look to our seasoned team of marketing and communication professionals for responsive service, fresh creative ideas and clockwork execution. They learn to love their agency again.

Recent Projects

Our clients in the agriculture, food and life science sectors also count on our decades of industry experience, and track record connecting with farmers, businesses and consumers.

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Kahntact’s unique approach, hand-picked team and comprehensive service suite make it easy for you to communicate effectively with your marketplace.

The Kahntact Communication Pros

Our unique approach calls for a unique team. Our core team in Guelph is complemented by an extensive network of communication professionals across Canada and the United States. 

Passion for the client's business goes a long way and it’s often the difference between good and great.

Francesco Piccioni
Creative Director

Worrying about the details comes with the territory, even if it keeps me awake at night, because I truly care about the quality of every project I touch.

Marie Craig
Project manager

We operate without the bureaucracy of many traditional agencies and this results in an openness that makes work fun.

Virginia Govier
Account Manager

My personal motto is ‘have fun and get it done’, with a heavy emphasis on the ‘get it done’ part!

Len Kahn

The Kahntact approach is to deliver high-quality work in a responsive, client-friendly manner. Here’s how we do it…


Shortened Learning Curves

Senior Marketing Professionals

Working with experienced professionals with proven track records means shortened learning curves and an understanding of the importance of delivering on time and on budget. Our team members all bring strong backgrounds in agriculture, communications or both. We’ll complement your internal strengths to build a formidable team, and bring a competitive advantage to your company in the marketplace.

Enhanced Creativity

Streamlined Work Processes

We believe that process is important to ensure consistency and quality of work, and that it also needs to enhance rather than impede creativity and timeliness. Accordingly, we have designed our work processes in an intuitive and pragmatic way. Because of our flexible structure, Kahntact can work closely with you to match the way you do business.

Web-based Portal

Flexibility & Security

Our agency is backed by a proprietary web-based work portal. The portal allows us to integrate freelance partners from anywhere and serves as a formidable back-up and archiving system.

Experienced & Passionate

Project Managers with Clout.

At Kahntact, your work is driven by an experienced, passionate, empowered project manager. Unlike the typical account executive, our project managers can make decisions and make things happen on behalf of our clients. Your project manager is ultimately responsible and accountable for the delivery of project output — on strategy, on time and on budget.

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Get in Kahntact

We don’t just know ag, we live there too. Our office is located in the Ontario AgriCentre in Guelph, Ontario. Please use the form below to connect with us about your next project.